Instagram is one of the easiest social media platforms to use. However, not many organizations take advantage of this venue. Mostly because is kind of tricky to understand how to find a useful application for their day to day marketing. 

Instagram, just like any other social media platform can produce different results for different people. But here are a few things you need to consider and will make easy for you to succeed using Instagram and find out how can benefit your organization.

Have fun and discover

Just have fun and try to discover the reasons, behaviors and how they engage with your content. Do they just like your pictures? Are they sharing? Commenting? How your followers are interacting with you will give you clues of how to better strategize your content.

Tell your story with photos

Share the behind the scenes of your organization. I’ve found out that one of the best ways a nonprofit can use Instagram is by storytelling. People want to identify with you, your purpose and mission. Passion, emotions, and purpose are the common denominator people join nonprofit organizations. Make sure you who images and photos that touch their heart, that makes them say – “That’s the reason I joined them”

Be consistent

Been consistent it shows your commitment, and everyone appreciates commitment. Post as often as you can, learn the engagement patterns of your followers. The only way to increase traffic is by being present.

Go #hashtag crazy

Studies show that in Instagram the more hashtag the better. Create a list of minimum 12 hashtags for every image. Create a personalized and branded hashtag that will identify your organization so people can use it to tag you as well. Use hashtags in comments, use hashtags anywhere you want and in any way possible.

Brand your Images

Keep branding in mind at all times. Try to keep the same format, colors, and design as much as possible. Include your logo or website address in your pictures. Don’t be afraid to try new things, find out what design your followers like and adapt accordingly.

Engage with your followers

It’s now just about likes and followers, but about the quality of engagement you have with them. Make sure you respond promptly to their comments, followers want to be acknowledged. Make an effort to be present and engage.

Need a few ideas of photo editing apps? In her website ,Christine has some suggestions for you. If you are using Adobe products, you can also check Adobe Spark. This innovating mobile and web app can help you create amazing images and videos for Instagram and other social media platforms.