How to Rock Social Media for Nonprofits

Every day, more people realize and understand the importance of social media and its impact on their business or nonprofit organization. Someone made a decision today to support a nonprofit group because he/she read an article that touched his or her heart. Someone made a decision to donate. Another made a decision to purchase that new pair of shoes or boots. They did so, because someone else made the decision to upload a post with the right content, at the right time.

In social media, every word counts, and every post can make you or break you. It’s time to do things right, with proficiency, planning and strategy. There is not really a perfect guidebook for social media. But here are a few things to keep in mind if you are looking to improve your social media presence and influence.

A Social Media Plan

If you have no plan, you have no way to measure your success. If you cannot measure your progress, you cannot make adjustments to your plan and strategy. You need a plan, period. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but set goals that are realistic for your industry and the size of your company.

A Content Strategy

One of the main purposes of any social media platform is to create communities. Communities interact with their members, and social media platforms love that. Keep in mind that social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and especially Facebook were created with the main purpose of connecting, interacting and sharing with people, and to create engaging conversations. Conversations build relationships and relationships build your ROI.

Human Element

The content you create is for people. In nonprofits, people volunteer and become members of your organization, because their emotions are in-tuned with your mission and vision. Just like you do in person, get to know your social media audience – call them by name and build relationships with them. Make friends. Be human. Remember that on the other side of the monitor, is a person who wants to connect with you.


As I said before, social media platforms love communities that interact with one another. Interacting with your audience is what gets you to know them well and build relationships. The faster you reply, the happier you will keep your fans. Remember that conversations can lead to a future volunteer or a donor.

Be Consistent

Just like anything else, building a relationship requires commitment. Be consistent with your content. If possible, create a content or editorial calendar to keep you on track. Social media platforms usually require different types of commitment. If you are using Twitter, you probably will be posting more frequently than Facebook.


Everyone hears a voice every time they read your post. What does that sound to you? Develop a voice – it’s a part of the branding. Adopt a style that will attract attention to your fans and followers. Make sure your brand is recognizable across all social media platforms.

Have Fun

Don’t forget to have fun, experiment and find out what your followers and fans like. Be creative & fun, and enjoy.