Fundraising is as important as the mission of the organization itself. Ultimately, funds are the blood that keeps the organization running. Here are some important tips that will help you create a strong fundraising campaign.

Funding Goal

Set a funding goal and tell people why it’s important that the campaign raises this amount.

Time Frame

Give the campaign start and end dates. This creates a sense of timeliness & urgency and makes it easier to plan around fundraising milestones. Your date range could be a few weeks or many months.


Why are you fundraising for this amount, at this time, for this project? A theme makes a campaign more specific and tangible, and can help you better target potential donors. A theme could be based on time (ex: the end of the year or near a national awareness day), a project (ex: a winter clothing drive or opening a new office) or an audience (ex: rallying first-time donors or youth).

Tangible Outcomes

Define the specific outcome donors should expect. If funds will be used to launch a new project or grow an existing initiative, define the scope and number of people who will be served. Especially if your organization’s mission is broad and long-term, fundraising campaigns can help break it down into direct results that donors will see in the near future.

Suggest Contribution Amounts

Suggesting a few amounts people can contribute makes their decision to donate easier and removes one of the barriers to completing a donation. Consider your audience and the scope of your campaign when deciding on amounts to suggest.

Consistent Updates

Post regularly about your campaign to keep people looped-in about progress towards your goal. For instance, the number of people who’ve donated and examples of the impact you’re striving to make. Regular updates will increase the likelihood of new and repeat contributions.